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(P & C Jan R Paszkowiec)

I’m a silly Caucasian boy who thinks he can rap
You cunts think I’m crap but like fuck am I gonna shut my trap
I’m gonna flip and I’m gonna flap
And call each and every one of you a fucking shit sack
I’ll just kick back and smoke more crack
And have myself another relapse
I’ve still got one lung left that ain’t collapsed
So I still got in me several heart attacks
Certainly my shit you cunts will find hard to take
Cos against my shit you cunts will certainly remonstrate
Cos my shit will make you fucking cunts exasperate
Well tough fucking shit, through my shit excruciate
You fuckers my shit will undoubtedly infuriate
Cos my shit will be something that you’ll fucking hate
It will make you fuckers go fucking ape
So much so me and my shit you’ll wanna regulate
As what I’ll say you’ll take as an insult
Well, that to me will be a result
You fuckers can take my verbal assault
Which will fucking rub in ya wounds fucking salt
It’s your fucking problem when you fucking sulk
Claiming that your grievance is my fault
So that’ll make you wanna bring my shit to a halt
So I don’t give a fuck I just wanna shoot my bolt

This is my shit ya listening too
And it certainly will offend you
Well I tell ya what you can do
Go suck off ya whole fucking crew

Probably you fuckers won’t be able to take my fucking shit
Well, so, go suck fucking dick
For you fuckers my shit I ain’t gonna restrict
Up my foul mouth you won’t have fucking zipped
Get used to this ill-tempered gobby little git
That, no shit, in the head is a little sick
Tough shit if you find my words a little sadistic
Well what the fuck do you expect from a schizophrenic
Against my shit you cunts will strongly protest
Well it’s not like I could fucking care less
Suck on my blatant offensiveness
Then get back to having your dumb ass incest
You’ll swear my disruptiveness will leave you in distress
Good, I do really try my up most best
My ass you fuckers will completely detest
Well it’s not like by my shit you is gonna be left impressed
I see it my obligation to take the piss
Tough shit if you cunts can’t handle this
With my shit I shall relentlessly persist
You cunts can get my fucking boney white ass kissed
Cos to piss you fuckers off I just can’t resist
With all the offensiveness that my shit does consist
Fuck off and go slit ya fucking wrists
I’m too busy smoking damn good cannabis

This is my shit ya listening too
And it certainly will offend you
Well I tell ya what you can do
Go suck off ya whole damn crew

Seeing as my shit you fuckers won’t be able to stand
You fuckers will be pushing for my shit to get banned
My ass to rights you’ll wanna get banged
And have the cell door on me firmly slammed
So, I’ll give you the middle finger on my right hand
And I’ll carry on playing my distasteful jam
You can throw ya fucking toys out the fucking pram
Like fuck I give a fucking damn
You’ll find my sick ass to be way repulsive
Well it is just so I can get you insulted
I’ll leave you all verbally assaulted
And you being violated will be what has resulted
That will just give me more incentive
To give you more of what is resented
See ya annoyance is what I’ve always intended
It will be easy seeing as ya all so anally retentive
Fuck off and suck ya fucking daddy’s knob
All you pussy-hole fuckers that fucking sob
From apparent offensiveness coming from my gob
Go on you fucking fuckers carry on and fucking jog
Fine call me a fucking ungrateful sod
You can eat my fucking long shit log
And get fucked up the ass by a rabid dog
Fucking suck off this offensive yob

This is my shit ya listening too
And it certainly will offend you
Well I tell ya what you can do
Go suck off ya whole damn crew


from POLISH'ED, released January 19, 2019


all rights reserved




Luton Town through and through.

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