08. What a beat (P & C Jan R Paszkowiec)

from by POLISH



(P & C Jan R Paszkowiec)

This beats infectious
So tremendous
The bass line is pumping
So here’s a little something
This track is all that
With my fat rap
See the rhymes I do pack
Make you fuckers stand back
I’m such a star me
I got a punch like Ali
With my lyrical army
So over on I march thee
See when I’m on it
I’m faster than Sonic
With my rhyming so methodic
It’s something astronomic
I spit lyrical jewels
That hypnotise like whirlpools
So sit up and listen fools
Polish fucking rules
When I’m in the zone
I leave you fuckers blown
And off I’ve flown
When I’m on the microphone

What a beat
Ain’t the base so deep
And my lyrics make you weep
Man, what a beat

I kick a rude groove
And I do prove
That I can truly rap
So give me a platinum plaque
Cos I got so many spits
On these damning lips
So listen up you fucking dicks
Polish fucking kicks
Cos I’m just the best simply
At lyrical mastery
I rhyme so super sharply
And I don’t choke hardly
With the shit I deliver
This motherfucker don’t dither
My rhyming flows like a river
And my rapping is a forceful militia
I go off, boom
And I’ve blown up the room
When out me the words zoom
And they all be in tune
Cos I’m the man you know
When I fucking blow
My rhymes smoothly flow
When into rapping mode I go

What a beat
Ain’t the base so deep,
And my words make you weep
Man, what a beat

This tunes essential
From this professional
White boy MC
That rhymes impressively
See my act has
So much damn class
I spit so damn fast
You can’t evade ya ass
This B line pumps
So come on you dumb punks
The bass is so good you cunts
Even a cripple jumps
This tune smacks it
It’s fucking fantastic
It’s already a classic
It’s pure musical magic
That is my creation
That is no imitation
I’m giving you an education
From my raps detonation
So go fucking crazy
To this tune so bassy
And don’t worry baby
This shit is all gravy

What a beat
Ain’t the base so deep
And my words make you weep
Man, what a beat



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