06. When I did LSD (P & C Jan R Paszkowiec)

from by POLISH



(P & C Jan R Paszkowiec)

In the beginning of my drug exploration
Everything just had to be taken
And LSD was one of the many drugs I’ve taken on my way
Which could mean that is why I am as mad as I am today
Acid was abused like all the other drugs were
And when I was on the shit it was all a blur
And ever since taking it I’m getting flashbacks
Well I can use that for an excuse for another relapse
An LSD trip lasts fucking time trust
The trip lasts fucking long enough
And like fuck you know what the fucks going on
And ya ass is hallucinating for so fucking long
With all the shit twisting and fucking shit
Ya ass be on one mad fucking trip
It be mental what ya fucking see
You think ya see shit but ya don’t really
What ya see be all a hallucination
That is coming from ya imagination
But what ya see has ya full concentration
You look at it with fascination
At what it is you have to stare
Cos you think the fucking thing is really there
Cos you see the shit in front of ya own eyes
And by it you be mesmerised

When I did LSD
No shit it was well crazy
My hallucinations head fucked me
When I did LSD

I remember those micro dots
And of them I had fucking lots
And them Jesus Christs
I saw it as no sacrifice
And there was the ones with smiley faces
Those had me fucked for ages
And there was them ones with superman on
If I remember rightly they were mighty strong
Acid comes in all different guises
And was taken excessively in the nineties
It was the acid house era
Like you I can’t remember much of that either
But I remember taking so much acid
In taking the shit I was avid
I’d take whatever tab I could get
And then on me I let the acid take effect
So I tripped my ass out fucking stupidly
On so much LSD
Well it was something different to do
It be a lot better than sniffing glue
It was something that just had to be tried
Fuck knows what the fuck I’ve damaged inside
But it was all a lot of fun at the time
Not that I can remember half of it fucking mind

When I did LSD
No shit it was well crazy
My hallucinations head fucked me
When I did LSD

LSD has been around since the sixties
And was a kick for the hippies
If they can do it so can I
But fuck off I’m gonna get hippi-fied
I took LSD when going up the drugs ladder
It was just something else that fucking spanked ya
It was one in long line of hallucinogens
That I keep taking again and again
Fuck knows what LSD has done to me
I dread to think the state of me internally
But it’s not like I can see the damage done
So I’ll keep taking LSD for fun
And it is all fun on LSD
That is until ya start tripping badly
You be getting all panicky
The shit gets worse dramatically
You wanna get ya ass out from this bad trip
Cos through the ride ya don’t wanna sit
But ya got no choice ya gotta see it through
And ya bad trip has to continue
Will you ever come out the other side
Will my ass fucking survive
Yourself these questions you ask
Now taking LSD ain’t such a laugh

When I did LSD
No shit it was well crazy
My hallucinations head fucked me
When I did LSD


from The Drugs Ladder (P & C Jan R Paszkowiec), released November 1, 2017


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